Monday, January 3, 2011


Aight so here it is, my official New Year's resolution is to try to watch one new movie per day and then post something up about it real quick. I realize this will probably be impossible to do every single day, as some much tighter or much more ill shit might be poppin off and require all of my attention. So imma go a little easy on myself, which should be obvious since i won't even be starting this shit until tonight, january 3rd, and probably some time past midnight. But fuck it, it's my project and i can do whatever i want.
In other news i picked up some truly dope boxsets at a sale today. Look forward (at some point this year, anyway) to reviews of some lesser-known shit by notoriously Japanese-film-hating Japanese filmmaker Nagisa Oshima and the absurdly sprawling Fassbinder adaptation of Berlin Alexanderplatz. That is the worst last name.

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