Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I realize that a few months ago (!!!) I made a promise that I would update this blog something as ridiculously often as once every evening. Clearly I was bluffing and by this point that promise must seem as empty to the two of you as my balls after watching this fucking video. But the truth is that I have actually been busy. I went to Mexico, and it was a beautiful, fascinating and wildly entertaining country full of friendly people, incredible food and cheap-ass beer. But it also happens to be a country that is held together by bubble-gum and magic. If you've been there you know what I mean. Aside from that I've just been "mastering some skills." If you've ever had some skills to master then you know what I mean. Fortunately for my own motivational reasons I have now begun my final semester of school (fingers crossed, butthole puckered), I have made an executive decision on my own life: for the entirity of this semester I will somehow find the time to watch one movie per day and post something about it up on this blog every evening. Grand ambition meets Great big bags of weed. I'll start that shit on Thursday. In the meantime I've been fucking around with this band called REAL TALK, (all caps to enhance shameless self-promotion). In honor of my impending graduation I'd like to share the best song that I've ever written:
Jungle Bungle
take some pills
have a thrill
don't forget to write your will
eating fungus
beasts among us
beware the stares that night has brung us
bungle in the jungle
accidental death
psilocybin visions
ravaged by savage breath
lions, tigers, bears oh shit
nothing's sticking to the script
pupils dilate, vomit, sick
panic, clutching sharpened stick
this isn't fucking happening, man
yes it is
wife and kids
never see them after this
now it's through
nothing new
the stains in the grass
used to be you
That song is about a drug vacation in the jungle gone wrong. Anyway, stay tuned for an actual movie review this Thursday. Probably that sexy interracial saucepot pictured above. In the meantime, if you is high:

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